Phase II: Joint efforts, joint success

KFW and GIZ join hands for the scaling-up of the IEE Programme

Based on the promising results of Phase I of the IEE Programme, KfW Entwicklungsbank and GIZ have joined hands for a country-wide roll-out of the approach. The next phase of the IEE Programme will be closely coordinated with an investment project of KfW Development Bank, which provides WAJ with a soft loan to upgrade pumping stations and well-fields all over Jordan. The program area of the increased IEE Programme (Energy Efficiency Programme; EEP) comprises all parts of Jordan, the Northern Governorates (Irbid, Ramtha, Mafraq, Ajloun and Jerash), the Middle Governorates (Zarka, Balqa and Madaba), Amman, the Southern Governorates (Karak, Tafila and Ma’an) and the city of Aqaba. The total volume of the Programme has been increased to 32. Mio. €, of which the KfW-share is 26 Mio.€. GHG are expected to be reduced by 40’000 t CO2/a. The main focus of efficiency improvement under the EEP comprises wellfield extraction facilities, pumping and booster stations, transmission pipelines and to a lesser extent components of high energetic relevance in water treatment facilities (desalination) and wastewater pumping and treatment facilities. The total number of wells in Jordan for domestic use amounts to about 800 units and the number of pumping stations and booster stations of various sizes is estimated to be in the range of about 150 units.

EEP Structure: Phase II (Country wide role out)

  • Part 1: Energy Audit; Joint Energy Assessment in the Jordanian water supply system (Wellfields, pumping stations, transmission pipelines)
  • Part 2: Implementation
    • GIZ will focus on the development and implementation of institutional concepts and operation models with the private sector and institutional support to WAJ for implementation.
    • KfW will focus on the provision of funds, consulting services and technical concept development.

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