The Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ)

Within the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, WAJ is the assigned responsible authority for all water supply and wastewater related activities and services in Jordan. Established in 1983, the Water Authority Law of 1988 gave WAJ the status of an Independent Public Corporation which comprises functions of financial and administrative autonomy. WAJ employs at present a total staff of about 7,500 people.

The operating costs, with energy expenditures ranging from roughly 25% to 40% of total operation and maintenance costs, were covered in 2007 by about 137% whereas the total cost coverage (including capital cost and depreciation) still falls short at only about 65%.

In order to strengthen and enhance the management and operation performance of local water authorities, WAJ, with the support of international development partners, created in 2004 and 2007 limited liability companies for Aqaba (Aqaba Water Company) and Amman (Miyahuna) respectively. The positive achievements of these semi-autonomous companies in recent years had led to the promotion the creation of similar organisational set-ups for other regions and will certainly open-up new opportunities for Jordanian and international Private Sector Participation in the Jordanian water sector. In the mid and long-term perspective WAJ intends to delegate operation responsibilities and to concentrate on regulatory issues only.

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